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Our Philosophy
Since it was founded more than thirty years ago, The Jeannette Neill Dance Studio
has become one of the most respected centers of dance education in the country and is renowned internationally for its preservation and presentation of jazz dance. Likewise, The Jeannette Neill Children’s Dance Program (JNCDP) has provided quality dance training for children aged three to twelve for more than twenty years. Our noncompetitive approach to children’s dance education develops attributes that can serve the child well throughout a lifetime. These include discipline, self-respect and self- confidence; improved learning skills; creativity, self-expression, imagination; and an instilled appreciation for music, dance and other art forms.By emphasizing strong dance technique, the JNCDP is designed to take a child from the earliest years of dance training through the pre-teen years. At this point, the confident young dancer will be prepared to segue into Boston Youth Moves, our pre-professional teen dance program where students make dance their primary extracurricular activity, or they can study more recreationally to supplement a sport or other extracurricular activity.

Why are we the intelligent dance alternative?
Because our faculty is carefully selected to exemplify our philosophy, our teachers are dance professionals chosen for their knowledge and expertise. We limit class size so that we can provide a low teacher to student ratio. Because we regard dance as an art form, we do not enter our children in dance competitions. At the end of the year, in lieu of traditional high-pressure recitals, our students enjoy an informal demonstration performance highlighting classroom progress and achievement. Thus our students spend the entire year in a process of continuous growth and learning.

Our focus remains on education, making the JNCDP the intelligent dance alternative.

Upon registration, a spaced is reserved for your child for the school year (September to May). Tuition is based on the total class hours per week and is divided into two equal payments. Pre-registration is required. A $35 non-refundable annual registration fee per family is required at registration. Tuition payments may be made in two installments and are due at registration and during the first week of classes of the second semester. Credit cards will automatically be charged for second semester payments. Please mark these dates on your calendar. There is a $30 late fee and a $20 re-registration fee. A 5% discount will be offered to those who pay in full at registration before 8/31/14. There is a 10% discount offered on the second class for a child taking a second class per week and a 20% discount on a third weekly class.

Checks should be made payable to The Jeannette Neill Dance Studio (JNDS). There is a $30 fee for returned checks.

Registration fee is non-refundable.
Withdrawal before:
first class – 100% refund
second class – 75% refund
third class – 50% refund
No refund after third class.

To Register Your Child
Complete both sides of the registration form and return it, along with tuition payment to The Jeannette Neill Children’s Dance Program, 261 Friend Street, Boston, MA 02114. Registration may be mailed or brought in person to the studio. Please call 617/523-1355 for office hours.