Winter 2017 Schedule of Adult Classes
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6-7:30 pm Jazz 1 Viera
7:30-9 pm Musical Theatre Bertone
6-7:30 pm Jazz 2 Neill
6-7:30 pm Contemporary 1 Kickham
7:30-9 pm Hip Hop 2-3 SKooJ CorE-O
7:30-9 pm Jazz 2-3 Heroux
6-7:30 pm Jazz 1 Carter
6:30-8:00 pm Hip Hop 2 Myers
6:30-8:00 pm House Dance 1-2 Bjerke
6-7:30 pm Jazz Basics Neill
6-7:30 pm Contemporary 2 SKooJ CorE-O
7:30-9 pm Hip Hop 1 Tyh
6-7:30 pm Jazz 1 Viera
9-11 am Jazz 1 Neill
11:15am – 1pm Jazz 2 Neill
11:30am – 1pm Ballet 1 Márquez
Sunday – CLOSED
Our class system is set up so that there is no registration or membership
fee. Classes are ongoing, meaning that a student can start at any time. Although
we have no age restrictions on our classes, we encourage younger children to
participate in our Children’s Program or the Boston Youth Moves teen program.

Class Levels
A student should start at a level appropriate to him or her. Progression to the next level is at the discretion of the student and/or the instructor. If you are unsure of your level, for your first class, we suggest that you start one level lower than the level at which you think you might be. For more details about each class and/or its instructor, click on the class or instructor name in the schedule above.

A fundamental jazz class for adults with little or no dance training
Level 1
A beginner class; assumes limited dance training
Level 1/2
A beginning/intermediate class
Level 2
An intermediate class
Level 2/3
A higher intermediate/advanced class
Level 3
An advanced class
Theatre Dance
An intermediate class. Click here for a detailed
Level designations for the Hip Hop and Video Dance classes do not indicate the level of technique, but rather the complexity or the speed at which the choreography is presented.

Fees & Policies

Class prices are listed below.
Duration/Type Cost
Single $17.00
Special $16.00
  • We accept cash, credit cards and personal checks.
  • Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee.
  • We offer a professional rate to members of performing arts unions (i.e. SAG, AGMA, etc) with valid ID.

Dress Codes
We have no particular dress code at this studio. We suggest that students wear tights, leotards, sweats, or any comfortable loose clothing in which they can move. Ballet slippers or jazz shoes are not required; bare feet or cotton socks are adequate. Some sort of aerobic footwear should be worn for the Hip Hop and Video Dance classes. Hard-soled street shoes can be worn by students beginning an Intro to Tap class.

Liability Disclaimer
The Jeannette Neill Dance Studio, Inc., and the instructors are not liable for personal injuries or loss of or damage to personal property.Since dance is a physical activity, injuries may occur. For this reason, students are not allowed into class more than 15 minutes after it has begun.Each student may decline to participate in any activity that they deem to be harmful and is responsible to inform the instructor of any physical limitations that may prevent full participation in class.